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Saxon -- Los Angeles, CA -- September 28th, 2011

Absolutely phenomenal. I will provide a link to my full review on when it's up there, but for now here's this.

Biff's voice, the sound, the band's stage presence, the setlist and the crowd were as close to perfect as it could get. GO SEE THIS BAND ON THIS TOUR AT ANY COST BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Edit: My full review here.

1. Hammer of the Gods
2. Heavy Metal Thunder
3. Never Surrender
4. Chasing the Bullet
5. Motorcycle Man
6. Back in '79
7. I've Got to Rock (to Stay Alive)
8. Call to Arms
9. Rock n' Roll Gypsy
10. Demon Sweeney Todd
11. This Town Rocks (not on the written list according to Biff)
12. When Doomsday Comes
13. Denim and Leather
14. Afterburner
15. Princess of the Night
--Encore 1--
16. Crusader
17. 747 (Strangers in the Night)
Doug Scarrat Guitar Solo
18. Power and the Glory
--Encore 2--
Nibbs Carter Bass Solo
19. Strong Arm of the Law
20. Wheels of Steel

Also, for anyone griping over no To Hell and Back Again, the show was so damn amazing that I came out frankly not giving a crap. They were that good.

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