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Kurt and Spike from D.R.I.

If industrial rock counts, Sascha from KMFDM. On the note of former members, En Esch was rather nice too. Looked like he'd be a mean bastard, but turns out to be a rather cool guy.

Karl and Dallas from Nile.

Cannibal Corpse

Lightning Swords of Death

Jeff from Birth A.D. (or Wrath from Averse Sefira for the black metal fans).


Powerman 5000

In This Moment

Evil J (ex-Otep). Came off as a bit of a douchebag at first. He told me when I asked him if he was in Otep (multiple members from multiple bands were walking around that night, and I'm only a casual Otep fan, so I wanted to make sure) "Of course I'm in Otep, I've been here since day one!", but wound up complimenting the DRI patch on my jacket and talking to me for a while about hardcore punk before signing a poster and taking a picture with me.

Most of Otep's 2011 lineup, sans Otep (see below).

Martin Axenrot. Really good guy, took the time from when he was playing pool to sign my ticket and chat with me.

Marc Rizzo


Mike IX


Most of Children of Bodom. Can't say for sure about Alexi and Janne, since I only got to tell Alexi I thought the show went well, and I didn't meet Janne.



Phil from Whitechapel

Otep Shamaya. I'm unsure about her (I may have caught her on a bad day, or she could be an asshole every day), but she was rude to me when I met her, so I'm listing her here. Some people say she's the coolest person you'll ever meet, others say she's pretentious, full of herself, and has an ego the size of China. Can anyone else help me out on this one?

EDIT: I met her at a later time, and she signed my ticket, something for a friend, and posed for a picture - surprising, since I'm a dude. Whether that was because she did the meet and greet thing only because she was opening for Cavalera Conspiracy, or because she had a bad day once, I don't know.
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