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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
When I saw Metallica there two years ago they played until 11:30. I wonder if they got fined? It's actually quite common if a band plays passed a venues curfew to get fined. The Foos show has been the same lenght the whole tour. They've been doing over two and a half hours every night so they probably just said "fuck the fines" and did their show. It's not like the band doesn't have the money.

If I was the venue I would have them back again because not only would you get money from the ticket sales but you can make a bunch off the fine if they play over again. From a monetary stand point it just seems stupid to not have them back.
I'm speculating here, but the fine was probably levied by the local city/town/neighborhood, or the local stagehands union. Not the venue.
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