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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Just got home mang! Not posting a review till tomorrow.

Originally Posted by zerkz View Post
make sure you see the damn Absence. They are a kickass band.
Oh I did, fucking phenomenal band.

Alright I guess I'll do a very short review. All the bands played the same sets as prior. The entire crowd was there for Sabaton, and 10-15% stayed for Evergrey.

I met and hung out with all the bands except Sabaton as they left right after their set. I got Station I.D.s for my show from everyone but Sabaton. Tom Englund is one of the funniest guys I ever met while drunk (I mean him not me being drunk).

And Maiden33, even while Drunk, he remembered you and your sister.

Here's 3 pics to tie you over:

One of my biggest Musical influences, Tom Englund, and Myself

Myself with my newly acquired Powerglove Power Sword after their set

The Stick I caught at the end Of Sabaton's set!
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