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Originally Posted by HackedUpForBBQ View Post
On the radio they were saying that the Foos were fined by the First Niagara Center for playing past 11:00, god does that suck! I guess the band probably knew all of the terms and conditions before coming and playing the show, but still I think that's a very fucking shitty thing to do to a band. I'm not even a fan and I still think it's bullshit. They're probably never gonna play here again because of that, so hopefully everyone who really wanted to see them around here did so
When I saw Metallica there two years ago they played until 11:30. I wonder if they got fined? It's actually quite common if a band plays passed a venues curfew to get fined. The Foos show has been the same lenght the whole tour. They've been doing over two and a half hours every night so they probably just said "fuck the fines" and did their show. It's not like the band doesn't have the money.

If I was the venue I would have them back again because not only would you get money from the ticket sales but you can make a bunch off the fine if they play over again. From a monetary stand point it just seems stupid to not have them back.

Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Honestly, I think part of it is just the fun of it. I have a lot more fun learning and playing cover songs than I do playing my own stuff most of the time. When you're in a band, your own music definitely becomes "work" to an extent - between writing, rehearsing, recording, and playing it live. I can TOTALLY understand a band wanting to just have some fun and throw in a cover song or two. I just think it adds a certain unexpected element to it.

When my band releases our full-length album next year, I'm planning a headlining CD release show where we play the whole album front-to-back (about 55 minutes) and then end the night with a couple of covers, including a few "classics" (Deep Purple's Burn, Sabbath's Heaven and Hell). It's just gonna be a really fun way to end the night for everyone.
That makes sense, I guess I would just be more proud to play my own stuff than songs that somebody else worked on and made famous. It makes more sense to me for a band to play a few covers when they only have an album or two, as opposed to a veteran band who has no shortage of their own material to choose from.
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