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Originally Posted by Shadowswillfall414 View Post
Its a great set dont get me wrong, but there are some songs I wish they could put in. I mean Ill stick around, Hey, Its Johnny Park!, and Generator could have easily fit in there but hey, its still a great set.
I know Johnny Park was being played on the first part of this tour but they dropped it on this leg. I'm not sure what took it's place, I think maybe it was Cold Day In The Sun. I think I'll Stick Around was played for a bit then dropped to. I've seen Generator in a few sets here and there. It seems to be one of those songs they throw in when they're in the mood for it.

I like One By One a lot so it would be cool if they did something like Low or Tired of You but the set works and they do a good job of mixing the new stuff with the big hits while still adding in a few lesser known songs.

Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
i wish they'd add more from the first record but it looks like the set is staying the same every night...which is a bummer especially bc theyre playing two covers no one is part. asking for.
I'm not getting the whole cover thing either. I understand it if the band is responsible for making the cover well known like Metallica with Am I Evil or Anthrax with Antisocial. But the two covers the Foos are doing are well known songs from those bands so it doesn't make sense. It's not like they need to do them to get a reaction out of the crowd. I don't get once a band has enough material to play live why they would still do covers. Maybe a musician can fill me in on that one
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