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Hey guys. This week's show has been moved to Friday night for 2 reasons. 1.) I will be at Evergrey so I can't chat during the show, and 2.0 the bigger reason, There will be an Acoustic set by a local artist during my time. But I do have the show uploaded for anyone who wants to hear it. Otherwise turn in on Friday. Here's the playlist:

Cold- Kill The Music Industy
Bad Religion - Los Angeles Is Burning
Daniel Jakubovic- Yoter Yafe
Monstro- Anchors Up!
Arch/Matheos- Midnight Serenade
Textures- Reaching Home
Symphony X- Paradise Lost
Candlemass- Witches
Agalloch- Ghosts of the Midwinter Fires

*This show has also been Daniel Jakubovic Approved. He sent me a very nice thank you on Facebook for playing him. I feel so honored.*
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