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Foo Fighters -- Buffalo, NY -- September 25th, 2011

Bridge Burning
The Pretender
My Hero
Learn to Fly
White Limo
Cold Day in the Sun
Stacked Actors
Monkey Wrench
Let It Die
These Days
Skin and Bones (With Krist Novoselic on accordian)
This is a Call
In the Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)
All My Life

Long Road to Ruin (acoustic)
Best of You (acoustic)
Times Like These (acoustic/electric)
Dear Rosemary
Breakdown (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover)

A very good show. Dave had a ton of energy and the crowd was into it from the begining. A lot of people were singing along with the new stuff so it's good to see the band come out with something as good as Wasting Light and not have people ignore it.

There was a lot of good sing a long moments, the chorus to My Hero being my favorite. Everything sounded great especially the stuff off the new album. For the acoustic songs there was walk way which came out from the stage and led to a small one in the middle of the floor. The stage was then raised up about 20 feet in the air and it was just Dave his guitar and 15,000 people singing along. At the half way point of Times Like These the rest of the band joined in and Dave dashed back to the stage and joined them for the rest of the song.

My only complaint is that the band extends the solos/jams in some of the songs way too long. I don't mind if a band does a song or two like that but when you do it with five or six songs it gets old quick. That's only a minor gripe with me though. When a band plays for two hours and fourty minutes there isn't much to complain about.

Highlights for me were everything off Wasting Light, The Pretender, My Hero, All My Life, Long Road To Ruin and Everlong. Definitely worth it if you wanna see a great arena rock show.
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