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Enslaved -- Pittsburgh, PA -- September 24th, 2011

So easily one of the best shows of the year. Day started at 3:30 when I met up with Razor, her boyfriend, and their friend at the best place to eat in town. I've never seen a man eat a sandwich as quickly as her boyfriend did. But lunch was great and we were off to Mr. Smalls after getting stuck in traffic for awhile. Still, there were only three or four people in front of us when we arrived. Doors were at 6:30 and the mighty Argus went on at 6:55, playing for about a half-hour. They only played one song that they didn't on Monday opening for 40 Watt Sun, but I'll never pass up a chance to see Pittsburgh's best band.

Devils, Devils
Wolves of Dusk
A Curse on The World
Boldly Stride The Doomed

Junius was on next and you could tell by the crowd mood there was a decent amount of people that didn't know Ghost dropped off. They went on at 7:40 and played until 8:15. I'm not familiar with their material at all so I can't provide a setlist but they were really good in my opinion. I don't think Razor was a big fan though. I highly recommend them however.

At 8:25 Alcest took the stage and while they're saying that their set is 40 minutes, they played for 50. Unfortunately, there was a sound issue for Neige's vocals which caused a lot of feedback during his cleans and the snare was almost inaudible for the first half of the set, but once the issues were ironed out, the sound was spot on. Neige didn't say much between songs besides thank you and announcing a few song titles, and was nowhere to be found after their set, but it was just fine with me after the set they played. Neige's black metal vocals live are breathtaking.

Le Secret
Les Iris
Souvenirs d'un Autre Monde
Écailles de Lune (part 1)
Printemps Emeraude
Percees De Lumiere

After a 30 minute changeover, Enslaved began and brought the house down. The sound was perfect throughout the entire set. Easily the best sounding band I've seen at Smalls. Grutle was absolutely hilarious the entire night. He told a joke that absolutely bombed and then yelled "GO PENGUINS!" for a huge crowd reaction. The set, while heavy on the last 4 albums, still was perfect for the band they are today, though I think Isa is a weak closer. Immigrant Song made up for that though. This may be a bit out of order, but I'm not missing a song. If I am, Razor or stylesclash can yell at me to fix it. Though seeing the Jaxx set, they're not keeping the same order.

Ethica Odini
Fusion of Sense and Earth
The Voices
As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
Allfáğr Oğinn
Immigrant Song

Merch for all bands were 25 for shirts, 25 for Junius and Alcest vinyl, 15 some Alcest CDs, 18 for the Le Secret re-release, 12 for Junius CDs, 15 for Enslaved CDs, and 40 for an Enslaved hoodie and workshirt. 4 Enslaved shirt designs, 2 Alcest, and 2 Junius designs.
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