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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
It's hard to top the unfuckwithable trio of Remission, Leviathan, and Blood Mountain in my opinion, but this definitely comes close. Strange, since based on the previews, I thought I was gonna hate it. Probably gonna be in my top 10 this year!

Which raises an even larger debacle for me: they're coming to Chicago the same day as Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, and Tesseract! I already have VIP meet and greet tickets for that tour, so I'll probably keep my commitment and go to that. But hot damn, I would love to see the support tour for this album.
Mastodon have never been a band to shy from touring, chances are they'll be touring off this record 'til 2013 at the least, so you'll get another chance to see them. That Btbam gig and line up may not happen again!
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