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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
You've gotta be fucking kidding me. Look, I get it if you didn't know them, hell, I get it if you know them and don't like them. But I just don't understand why on earth people pay money to go see a direct support band and then arbitrarily leave before the headliner even plays a note. You're there, you paid your money - give them a chance. Especially considering it's a band like Evergrey who may never tour here again.

since we're going into rants ....I would of totally seen Evergrey, in fact i wanted to see them, just to see what there about. But my ride came and picked me up. Came to the show expecting there would be only one opener. There were two and they both played for about 40 minutes. Doors didn't open till past 6, and the first band didn't play till 6:30. The second opener ended around 7:45. I came to the show from Windsor with my brother and his friend, and was going to leave the show with my girlfriend who was going to pick me up at around 10:30 (she lives outside of Detroit). So while i was going to give Evergrey a chance, they played later than i anticipated, and was not going to keep my girlfriend waiting in a shaddy part of Detroit. So yeah.
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