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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
Any word on the merch? Prices, specifically? And how many shirts did Alcest have? If hendecatope can't answer then someone who's going to this before October 2nd let me know?
This, I need to pick up at least 1 Alcest and 1 Enslaved shirt. And some vinyl, maybe!

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Le Secret
Les Iris
Souvenirs d'un autre monde
Écailles de Lune (Part I)
Printemps Émeraude
Percées de Lumière

Perfect fucking set. Elevation would have been cool, but I'll take Le Secret! I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND.

Originally Posted by hendecatope View Post
Set list is incorrect. Ruun was later in the set and they did play one song from the EP.

YES! YESSSSSSSSS! Ruun is such a great fucking song! And that means they probably played Heimvegen from the EP, which I've been dying to see!
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