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Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
Great review! That's a LONG ass time to play- you def got your money's worth.

And I know different people enjoy the show in different ways, but people not even moving in the front row? The hell?

I wouldn't have moved to let anyone else in either...
That's the longest set III has performed so far out in Hollywood. Most of the time its 2 hours and 30/45 minutes. I was extremely surprised with the long set because he announced that he was diagnosed with strep throat yesterday morning, but couldn't let Hollywood down on a Friday night. He apologized beforehand for sounded like shit, but I thought he sounded great.

Yeah it was weird! Every time he comes through, everyone is extremely rowdy during the country set. It was tamer then normal. There were two guys standing on the right of me that were literally just standing there and looking straight at III without moving. Everyone else around is pushing and singing a long, but not these guys. I know its not something to complain about, but its just weird to happen at a III show.
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