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Hank III -- Hollywood, CA -- September 23rd, 2011

The show was at the Roxy in West Hollywood. This tour was to support the 4 new albums that Hank III released a few weeks ago. The double country album, the doom metal album and the cattle callin album. My car broke down before the show, so my friend drove us to the show, meaning I could get drunker than needed and still be safe to get home We arrived at the Roxy around the time the doors opened and I was able to find a spot right in the center front so I could sing along with Hank. He went on at 9pm and played a 95 minute country set, then a 10 minute hellbilly set, took a break for a few minutes, then played a 55 minute Attention Deficit Domination set, and closed with a 40 minute Cattle Callin set. He played for 3 and a half hours. That is definitely better than anyone I have ever heard of.

I was in the front the entire show. There wasn't very much pushing and shoving during the country set like I'm used to. III usually opens up with Straight to Hell and a circle pit breaks out immediately, but it didn't happen this time. I was surprised how tame the set was. I still was sweating me ass off by the end of the country set. I was excited for the hellbilly set cause I heard he was playing Hang On, a song I've always wanted to see, but he cut it out tonight. ADD went on and played an awesome set. Some guy asked me to let his girl in front of my to enjoy the show better, but I was the only one around me who was actually enjoying the show at that point, so I told him no. The guys next to me were standing like statues and I was banging my head and screaming along, I don't need to be asked to move.

Cattle Callin went on around midnight. I was starting to get pretty drunk again at this point. It felt like the old assjack vibe again, but there was no fun pit going on. I ran over to the pit area and started pushing people around until they were pissed off enough to start a pit. Shortly after, I tasted a mouth full of blood as I ran into people. I realized someone busted my lip open. I was upset and pushed people around for a bit. I dominated the pit the entire Cattle Callin set. At some point, someone punched me in the throat and I had to walk off and sit down. I was freaking out for a minute cause I couldn't breath and my ear was in so much fucking pain. I waited a few minutes and went back to the pit and busted my lip again and cut open my arm and neck shortly after. I had a lot of injuries occur during my drunkeness but I feel it was completely worth it.

I think more Cattle Callin songs were played, but not sure at the moment...

Country Set:

Nightime Ramblin' Man
I Don't Know
Little Bit of Smoke, Whole lot of Wine
Thrown Out of Every Bar
Crazed Country Rebel
Long Hauls & Close Calls
3 Shades of Black
Long Hauls & Close Calls
Rebel Within
Guttertown Stomp
Troopers Hollar
Day by Day
Dyin Day
Ghost to a Ghost
Fadin Moon
Ride the Wave
Outlaw Convention
Six Pack of Beer
Pills I Took
Straight to Hell
D Ray White
Not Everybody Likes Us
Dick in Dixie


Go Fuck You
Life of Sin

Attention Deficit Domination:
The Rooster(Alice in Chains)
Holy Mountain(Sleep)
In The Camouflage
Living Beyond Doom
Make A Fall
I Feel Sacrificed
Fighting the Devils Inside You (Earthride)
Goats N Heathens

Cattle Callin:

Now There's A Bull
37 Heifers
Angus Of Death
Counting Cows
Y Bar Ranch
Mad Cow
Black Cow
Who needs a god when you've got Big Macs?

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