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those huge moving spotlights were blinding at times to those of us up in the balcony. during some of the softer (parts of) songs, the loud talking of some of the crowd drowned out the music. granted, these were merely small disturbances. i had gone primarily to see how the new material would be presented live. it was reassuring to hear mike say that they're not turning their backs on their older albums but, rather, showcasing what i'll call their more recent and non-death metal side. personally, i find opeth's first five albums amazing, damnation and deliverance fine, ghost reveries and watershed rather uninspiring (for me) and heritage to be fresher than their last two but the first opeth album i will not buy. their next tour will likely be the first one i will not attend as i found myself repeatedly describing the experience beyond a certain point in the set as tedious. "not my taste" is not synonymous with "talentless shit band": certainly not where mike's concerned! from now on, although i'll continue to follow his artistic growth with respect, i'll derive my musical pleasure elsewhere.

by the way, katatonia was SOLID as always!
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