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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I thought they were supposed to play the second half of Axioma this tour? "Singular" and "Lightening" need to be played.
Yeah, I'm almost 100% that's what Ivar said in an interview before...


Originally Posted by BrutalDescent View Post
Ethica Odini
Fusion Of Sense And Earth
The Voices
As Fire Swept Clean The Earth
Still a fucking great set! I don't think its "unique" per se, but for a first Enslaved concert, this is all I could hope for and more. It would have been awesome to see them put Heimvegen or something from the new EP in. Or some different songs from Below the Lights or Isa (but I'm mostly looking forward to Fusion; fucking adore that song!). And 1 more from Vertebrae would be welcome... still, looking forward to this!

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