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Stemm -- Buffalo, NY -- September 23rd, 2011

Stemms Cross Roads CD release show.
Stemm played the Town Ballroom to celebrate the release of their new album Cross Roads. Local band from Niagara Falls called It's A Dinosaur played, I didn't see them though. I came just as local Tennessee band DownSlave was beginning their set. Another band that played before Stemm are well known among the local metal fans in Buffalo is called His Name Was Yesterday. His Name Was Yesterday is breaking so this was their last time playing on stage. Too bad their breaking up some of the best times I have at metal shows is when His Name Was Yesterday and Stemm share the stage.

Here are the setlists.
Cost Of Freedom
The Unamed
Pit Approve
1930: A New Plan

His Name Was Yesterday
Where It Ends
Beneath The Lie
Face The Truth
No More Tomorrow
For What It's Worth
Echos Of The Past
Goodbye To Yesterday
The Ghost Of John Wayne
Again And Again

Before The Storm(Intro)
Smile And Wave
The Devil Walks Among Us
Til I Die
Monster(new version)
Face The Pain
Fleur De Lis
Supernaut(Black Sabbath Cover)
Dead Inside
What Do You Think Of Me Now?
Blood Soaked
Beneath My Skin
Left Behind
After The Tide
Wish (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
House of Cards

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