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Kix -- Springfield, VA -- September 17th, 2011

Went to JAXX to see KIX. Got there around 10 or so, walked in to a pretty packed JAXX, with a bunch of old timers (which is fine by me, don't have to worry about getting caught in a mosh!). As we were looking at the merch stand or as we got to the floor I recognized the opener playing REBEL YELL. Thought it sounded pretty good. Which is surprising since most opening/local bands I think are usually less than amazing. Even their original stuff sounded good, like a B side off of a hair band album. I was rather entertained Stayed around until "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" to get a drink.

What a mistake as it was the worst service I've evern had at Jaxx. Like 30 minutes waiting to get a RUM AND COKE. oh well. The waitress/bartender was randomly filing drinks, I don't understand since we were right in front of here, several other people had the same problem. Basically we heard the rest of their set thru the door.

Sat down for a bit, and Kix came on late, and it was LOUD and crowded. They played a couple songs off of SHOW BUSINESS that I do not recall hearing before live which was cool, and they had the standards they always play, and the stage show they are known for :3 all in all a great show minus the drink service
I had a great time, I've never known KIX to disappoint

Great show as always from KIX. Only thing I don't recall/appreciate is the drum solo- I could have sworn I've not heard one before live.

Frankie and the Actions
  • Rebel Yell (Billy Idol cover)
  • Strip to the Bone (orignal)
  • Tattoo Baby (original)
  • Train Kept a Rollin' (Aerosmith/Yardbirds cover)
  • I just want to make love to you (bar part starts around here)
  • Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf cover)
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC cover)
  • Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)
  • Free Bird (still at bar) (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

  • Time Bomb Baby
  • Red Light Green Light TNT
  • The Itch
  • Same Jane
  • Book to Hypnotize
  • Cold Shower
  • Girl Money
  • Don't CLose Your Eyes
  • No Ring Around Rosie
  • Lie Like a Rug
  • Get it While It's Hot
  • Solo
  • Cold Blood
  • Drum Solo (zzz)
  • Blow My Fuse
  • Sex
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah
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