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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Really? That pretty much disagrees with the view of every other Opeth fan in existence! Can I ask why you don't like it?
Yep, I know. And trust me, I've tried so fucking hard to get into it, it's not even funny. In fact, I like Ghost Reveries more, even though I only listen to 4 songs on that album. They have a lot of songs I skip and I don't own or listen to Watershed. I didn't really pay much attention to them after Still Life but my girlfriend likes them a lot and so starting around '08 I started going to their shows.

And of course you can ask that question, it's only logical. I suppose if I broke the music down I could find specifics, but what it comes down to is that none of the songs catch my ear. I like certain movements in some of the songs, but overall I just get bored.

You know how even songs you may not necessarily like can still get stuck in your head? No BWP song could ever get stuck in my head.

I love Death/Black/Grind metal but I would never say "well this stuff sucks because it's not death metal enough" or "I don't like the slow/soft parts." I like music that sounds good. I don't give a fuck how it's done. If it satisfies what my criteria for good music, I'm all about it.

My favorite is Still Life.
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