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I wasn't so upset by them not growling, just upset at the song choice. With a screamless set (which I'm down for if they wanna try something different), at LEAST play some Atonment, Benighted, Isolation Years, Hours of Wealth, more than one Damnation song, To Bid You Farewell, Coil, Credence, Harvest...COME ON!

In addition, I was at both shows as well HOPING for a different set the second night. Why the hell would you play a city two nights in a row in front of almost the same crowd and play the same exact show, to a tee, TWICE?!? Their catalog is so huge, they could have pulled out some cool stuff. Could have really taken the opportunity to do some fun things. Just shows that A. they are too lazy to rehearse more than 10-12 songs, or B. Don't have the capacity to do so (which I know is false).

Give us some variety, men!
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