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Mastodon - The Hunter

I rarely post on this site, however I always check the forums for the concert reviews etc. However, I thought I'd review the new Mastodon album (Who are one of my favourite bands). Anyway, you may know that the album has been leaked online, as well as the band uploading the whole album, you can view it here:

Now, this type of review will be a track-by-track kind of the review. This is also my first album review on this site (I've only done a few concert reviews), so if it's shit, cut me some slack guys, anyway, here we go.

Black Tongue - Most of you must of heard this track by now since it was uploaded by mastodon about a month ago, anyway, the track is a beast, Troy's vocals really shine in this song, great riffs, fantastic vocals, as well as an awesome solo. - 9/10

Curl of the Burl - You may have already heard this song as well, it's a love or hate song, for myself, I love it, the chorus is one of the catchiest chorus's I've ever heard in a long time, but most people claim it's to soft and commercial, I say, fuck you, it's awesome. I can also seeing this being a hell of a good sing-a-long track when they preform it live. - 9.5

Blasteroids - A rather fun, groovy, metal song. Some very interesting views on here, and one hell of a crazy chorus. Great song, not one of the best ones of the album, but a lot of fun. - 8/10

Stargasm - This song litreally gave me a 'stargasm', from an epic opening, with some fucking awesome vocals and riffing from Brent on this one, (yeah he no longer sounds like a dying cat, as most people said), I can't wait to see this one live, I can see the 'YOU'RE ON FIREEEEEEE' part being a truly awesome moment live. - 9.5

Octopus Has No Friends - A ridiculous name of a track, but that doesn't stop this song from being pretty damn good, it's another fun track with some great riffs and some unusual vocals from Brahn. - 8/10

All The Heavy Lifting - God damn I love that chorus, 'JUST CLOSEEE YOUR EYESSS, AND PRETEND EVERYTHINGSSSS FINEEEEEEE!', great stuff. - 9/10

The Hunter - The title track is a rather soft mellow song while Brent sings most of the song, excellent melody, fantastic vocals, some of the best guitar work Mastodon has ever done. - 9/10

Dry Bone Valley - Another beast of the song, the chorus I can see being another epic moment while live, and it also has a pretty damn cool solo. - 9/10

Thickening - You need to be in the right mood for this track, (preferably high), another fantastic mellow/semi-heavy track which is damn fucking good. - 8.5/10

Creature Lives - This is a very very unusual track, from a very odd intro to another very odd second half, it's very hard to explain this track, I had to get really high to start loving it, but then again, it wont be for everyone. - 8/10

Spectrelight - You guys might have already heard this one since it was released by Mastodon a couple of weeks ago, you can clearly tell this song is very similar to Mastodon's early work, (It sounds like it could easily be on Leviathan or Blood Mountain). Very fast riff, awesome aggressive vocals from Troy, great sing-a-long chorus, what more could you ask for? - 9.5/10

Bedazzled Fingernails - Another odd title track, this track is very sludgy with some great vocals and awesome guitar work, quite unusual for mastodon when you first listen to it, but I'm sure I'll and you guy's will grow to love it. - 8/10

The Sparrow - Wow.. just wow.. If anybody know's how to end a fantastic album with a fantastic song, it defiantly Mastodon. This is not your usual heavy/aggressive Mastodon track, it's very strong, very mellow. This however, does not stop it from being possibly my favourite track from the album, the vocals are terrific, the melody and guitar work from Bill and Brent is just magnificent, an the lead vocals from Brahn are just unbelievable. You can also see some Pink Floyd influence here. Possibly one of my favourite songs to listen to when I get high now . - 10/10

Overall - 9.5

So that's my review on the new Mastodon album, it may be a little rusty and not quite as good as some other people's reviews, but hey, just listening to the album and fucking enjoy it just like I did!

Some may say that this album is a lot more commercial and not as heavy as their older stuff, but I seriously suggest any metal fan should check this album out, it's not as in-depth as 'Crack The Sky' was, or as heavy as 'Remission and Leviathan', but wow.. just wow.. check this album out guys, it's definantly one of the best albums of the year. Just sit down, relax, and smoke some weed (That's if you do, believe me, it makes the album 10 times better then it already is) and enjoy the excellent fucking album.

Thanks for reading my review, stay metal.

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