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Fuckin' awesome show! First band was a local Iron Maiden tribute band by the name of Made in Iron (just got that pun HURR DURR) They were alright, guy's voice wasn't great, and he looked like a fat Bret Michaels. He actually asked for a pit

MonstrO was pretty damn impressive. Psychedelic stoner-rock with some crunchy metal riffs thrown in. Their sound was equal parts Tool, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath. In fact, on their dreamier-sounding songs, they kinda sounded like Incubus crossed with, say, Sleep. An interesting collision of styles, to say the least

Now, for The Sword... well, they are just the most consistently amazing live bands I've ever seen, period. Even with me knowing the songs they played this time, they were fantastic! Also, the moshing was so much fun. I fell on my ass and it feels like I got surprise buttsecks, though...

Venue was alright, sound was pretty solid. It was set up like a movie theater walking in, though; there was a booth where I got my ticket, then I showed it to a guy and he put x's on my hands, and then a lady checked my pockets wtf... I applaud them on having a water cooler inside with cups, though

I'll link you guys to my newspaper review when it's up! ...if they don't decide to not publish on account of it sucking...
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