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Honestly I like most of these songs, even Throat of Winter and PITI2 and both of those are songs I thought I'd never see live. But it just seems they could have thrown some better mellow ones in, like Harvest or Burden (though I doubt the new guy can live up to Per's solo) or like Lotus Eater's funk bridge would kinda fit with Nepenthe's, or fucking Häxprocess would be awesome. I dunno, I guess I'll enjoy the set because they're good songs, but it's been 3 fucking years since they've come to MN and I want some of the classics in there too. On a sidenote, considering the last time Katatonia were here they had horrible mic problems and someone stole a guitar, it's good to see them coming back too. But fuck both of them, I'm wearing my Bloodbath shirt to this show!

AT ANY RATE, I'll be lucky enough to be at Devin Townsend's tour kickoff the next night, so I'll be sure to post a setlist for that for you guys
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