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1. Entombed- Rotten Soil
2. Carcass- Manifestation on Verrucose Urethra
3. Morbid Angel- Heaving Earth
4. Anthrax- Who Cares Wins
5. Death- Choke on It
6. Anaal Nathrakh- Between Shit And Piss We Are Born
7. Slayer- Psychopathy Red
8. Celtic Frost- Sorrows of the Moon
9. Queen- We Will Rock You
10. Slayer- The Antichrist
11. Kreator- Impossible Brutality
12. Amon Amarth- Arson
13. Pink Floyd- Any Colour You Like
14. Possessed- Evil Warriors
15. Blind Guardian- Into The Storm
16. Iron Maiden- Fates Warning
17. Aerosmith- Rag Doll
18. Skid Row- Youth Gone Wild
19. Dead Kennedys- Religious Vomit
20. Immortal- Antarctica
21. Madonna-Like A Prayer
22. Iced Earth- The Last Laugh
23. Agalloch- Fire Above, Ice Below
24. AC/DC- Big Gun
25. Type O Negative- Kill All The White People
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