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Another one:

1. Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas- "Simple Life"
2. Dead Kennedys- "Trust Your Mechanic"
3. Superchunk- "Without Blinking"
4. A Wilhelm Scream- "The Horse"
5. Wugazi- "Suicide Suprise"
6. Arcade Fire- "Ocean of Noise"
7. Iron Maiden- "Fortunes of War"
8. The Gaslight Anthem- "Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?"
9. Fake Problems- "5678"
10. Jimmy Eat World- "Sweetness"
11. Bad Religion- "Grains of Wrath"
12. The Lawrence Arms- "Jumping the Shark"
13. Alkaline Trio- "Fatally Yours"
14. Black Sabbath- "A Hard Road"
15. NoMeansNo- "Life In Hell"
16. Weezer- "Undone (The Sweater Song)"
17. Johnny Cash- "Green, Green Grass of Home"
18. The Corin Tucker Band- "Big Goodbye"
19. Bruce Springsteen- "Thunder Road"
20. Regina Spektor- "Hotel Song"
21. Bruce Dickinson- "Accident of Birth (Live)"
22. Rage Against the Machine- "Take the Power Back"
23. Bad Religion- "Walk Away"
24. Agoraphobic Nosebleed- "Infected Womb"
25. Slayer- "Aggressive Perfector"
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