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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
Well, I'm ok with the Heritage stuff because it's to be expected to be heavily covered on this tour. But I kind of think like... Throat of Winter, PitI2, Porcelain Heart, Hex Omega.... all as part of the same show? Really... that's.... boring... Were I to divide Opeth's entire discography into concert-length playlists, I don't think I would put more than one of those songs in a single list. It's just lame.
Interesting point. I would've loved to hear Porcelain Heart and Hex Omega on the Watershed Tour. But they focused on the heavier material instead, by playing Heir Apparent and The Lotus Eater. It would've been a lot more balanced if they played one of each back on the Watershed Tour, and one of each on this tour.

Some bands tend to play in cycles like this. Iron Maiden is a good example. In 2006, they played their entire new album and barely any classics. In 2008, they played all classics and no new songs. In 2010, they played a mostly newer songs but also several classics.

I don't necessarily have a problem when bands do this, I just wish they would say so BEFORE tickets go on sale. With the price of concert tickets these days, fans deserve to know what they're getting. Especially if the band is doing something "different" than what's expected.
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