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I'm starting to get over the fact that there are no growls on this tour, but yes, I'm still incredibly butthurt over the set. Like some of the other guys here, it's going to be my first Opeth concert. I've listed them earlier in this thread, but there's a whole plethora of utterly amazing metal songs Opeth wrote that changed the way I viewed music, and not seeing a single one of them live is going to hurt.

If you're gonna go the clean route though, PLEASE play any one of the following:

-Windowpane (fucking duh)
-Hours of Wealth
-Isolation Years
-To Bid You Farewell
-Death Wispered a Lullaby

I'm totally fine with them keeping that much heritage material, and some others (Hex Omega (!) and A Fair Judgement). But shit like the Throat of Winter needs to be purged.

And I understand you don't like death metal anymore, Mikael, but PLEASE sneak in Bleak or Blackwater Park into that set. Just one good one. That's all I want. Just one.
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