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Municipal Waste - Mech-Cannibal
Mono - Silent Flight, Sleeping Dawn
Vital Remains - Reborn the Upheaval of Nihility
Origin - Insurrection
Repugnant - 10 Mutilated Remains
CunninLynguists - What'll You Do
Insomnium - The Day it All Came Down
Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Mistanke Om Valgfusk Under Opptellingen Etter Stortingsvalget I 2005 Krever Omvalg,?
God Macabre - Consumed by Darkness
Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Social Infestation - Dirty Harry Syndrome
The Binary Code - Human Condition
Iron Maiden - The Evil that Men Do
Cobalt - Witherer
Drawn and Quartered - Broken on the Wheel
Trap Them - Manic in the Grips
November's Doom - The Voice of Failure
Nile - Eat of the Dead
Arckanum - In Svarta
Discordance Axis - Amphetamine Hollow Tip
Proclamation - Orgy of the Damned
Amon Amarth - Tock's Taunt: Loke's Treachery Part II
The Faceless - The Ancient Covenant
Vomitor - Bleeding the Priest
Jex Thoth - Equinox Suite D) The Damned and Divine

Pretty decent list actually
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