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Just got a Nook and uploaded all these books to it

1	The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 	 Douglas Adams
2	*1984*	 George Orwell
3	*Dune*	 Frank Herbert
4	*Slaughterhouse 5*	 Kurt Vonnegut
5	*Ender's Game*	 Orson Scott Card
6	*Brave New World*	 Aldous Huxley
7	*The Catcher in the Rye*	 J. D. Salinger
8	*The Bible*	 Various
9	*Snow Crash*	 Neal Stephenson
10	*Harry Potter Series*	J. K. Rowling
11	*Stranger in a Strange Land*	 Robert A.  Heinlein
12	*Surely You're Joking, Mr.  Feynman!*	 Richard P. Feynman
13	*To Kill A Mockingbird*	 Harper Lee
14	*The Foundation Saga*	 Isaac Asimov
15	*Neuromancer*	 William Gibson
16	*Calvin and Hobbes*	 Bill Watterson
17	*Guns, Germs, and Steel*	 Jared Diamond
18	*Catch-22*	 Joseph Heller
19	*Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance*	 Robert M. Pirsig
20	*Siddhartha*	 Hermann Hesse
21	*The Selfish Gene*	 Richard Dawkins
22	*Godel, Escher, Bach: An eternal golden braid*	 Douglas Hofstadter
23	*Tao Te Ching*	 Lao Tse
24	*House of Leaves*	 Mark Z.  Danielwelski
25	*The Giver*	 Lois Lowry
26	*Crime and Punishment*	 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
27	*Animal Farm*	 George Orwell
28	*A People's History of the United States*	 Howard Zinn
29	*The Lord of the Rings*	 J. R. R.  Tolkien
30	*Ishmael*	 Daniel Quinn
31	*A Brief History of Time*	 Stephen Hawking
32	*Lolita*	 Vladimir Nabokov
33	*The Count of Monte Cristo*	 Alexandre Dumas
34	*His Dark Materials Trilogy*	 Philip Pullman
35	*The Stranger*	 Albert Camus
36	*Various*	 Dr. Seuss
37	*The Road*	 Cormac McCarthy
38	*Lord of the Flies*	 William Golding
39	*The Monster At The End Of This Book*	 Jon Stone and Michael Smollin
40	*Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas*	 Hunter S. Thompson
41	*A Short History of Nearly Everything*	 Bill Bryson
42	*Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep*	 Phillip K. Dick
43	*A Hundred Years of Solitude*	 Gabriel Garcia Marquez
44	*The Art of War*	 Sun Tzu
45	*How to Win Friends and Influence People*	 Dale Carnegie
46	*Flowers For Algernon*	 Daniel Keyes
47	*The Hyperion Cantos*	 Dan Simmons
48	*A Confederacy of Dunces*	 John Kennedy Toole
49	*The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights*	 Various
50	*Cat's Cradle*	 Kurt Vonnegut
51	*A Canticle for Leibowitz*	 Walter M.  Miller, Jr
52	*Odyssey*	 Homer
53	*Fahrenheit 451*	 Ray Bradbury
54	*A Song of Ice and Fire*	 George R. R. Martin
55	*The Great Gatsby	 F.  Scott Fitzgerald
56	*The Brothers Karamazov*	 Fyodor Dostoevsky
57	*Ringworld*	 Larry Niven
58	*A Game of Thrones*	 George R. R. Martin
59	*The Art of Deception*	 Kevin Mitnick
60	*The Little Prince*	 Antoine de Saint Exupéry
61	*Freakonomics*	 Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt
62	*The Moon is a Harsh Mistress*	 Robert A.  Heinlein
63	*The Omnivore's Dilemma*	 Michael Pollan
64	*Heart of Darkness*	 Joseph Conrad
65	*The Forever War*	 Joe Haldeman
66	*Adventures of Huckleberry Finn*	 Mark Twain
67	*Lies My Teacher Told Me*	 James Loewen
68	*Notes From Underground*	 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
69	*Everybody Poops*	 Tarō Gomi
70	*On the Origin of Species*	 Charles Darwin
71	*The Autobiography of Malcolm X*	 Malcolm X with Alex Haley
72	*John Dies at the End*	 David Wong
73	*The Communist Manifesto*	 Karl Marx
74	*Contact*	 Carl Sagan
75	*A Clockwork Orange*	 Anthony Burgess
76	*The Prince*	 Niccolò Machiavelli
77	*Atlas Shrugged*	 Ayn Rand
78	*The Diamond Age*	 Neal Stephenson
79	*War and Peace*	 Leo Tolstoy
80	*The Stand*	 Stephen King
81	*The Dharma Bums*	 Jack Kerouac
82	*The Hobbit*	 J. R. R.  Tolkien
83	*Moby Dick	 Herman Melville
84	*The Unbearable Lightness of Being*	 Milan Kundera
85	*Why People Believe Weird Things*	 Michael Shermer
86	*Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media*	 Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky
87	*Asimov's Guide to the Bible*	 Isaac Asimov
88	*The Old Man and the Sea*	 Ernest Hemingway
89	*Collapse*	 Jared Diamond
90	*Infinite Jest*	 David Foster Wallave
91	*Don Quixote*	 Miguel de Cervantes
92	*Chaos*	 James Gleick
93	*American Gods*	 Neil Gaiman
94	*Starship Troopers*	 Robert A.  Heinlein
95	*The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime*	 Mark Haddon
96	*You Can Choose to Be Happy*	 Tom G.  Stevens
97	*The Geography of Nowhere*	 James Howard Kunstler
98	*All Quiet on the Western Front*	 Erich Maria Remarque
99	*Candide*	 Voltaire
100	*Mein Kampf*	 Adolf Hitler
101 - 200		
101	*The Girl Next Door*	 Jack Ketchum
102	*In Defense of Food*	 Michael Pollan
103	*The Dark Tower*	 Stephen King
104	*Fight Club*	 Chuck Palahniuk
105	*The Greatest Show on Earth*	 Richard Dawkins
106	*The Making of a Radical*	 Scott Nearing
107	*The Turner Diaries*	 Andrew MacDonald
108	*The Scar*	 China Mieville
109	*Steppenwolf*	 Hermann Hesse
110	*Going Rogue*	 Sarah Palin
111	*120 Days of Sodom*	 Marquis De Sade
112	*Rendezvous with Rama*	 Arthur C Clarke
113	*Oryx and Crake*	 Margaret Atwood
114	*Beyond Good and Evil*	 Friedrich Nietzsche
115	*Gravity's Rainbow*	 Thomas Pynchon
116	*Naked Lunch*	 William Burroughs
117	*Childhood's End*	 Arthur C Clarke
118	*Of Mice and Men*	 John Steinbeck
119	*The Book of Ler*	 MA Foster
120	*The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark*	 Carl Sagan
121	*Johnny Got His Gun*	 Dalton Trumbo
122	*Cryptonomicon*	 Neal Stephenson
123	*Watership Down*	 Richard Adams
124	*Breakfast of Champions*	 Kurt Vonnegut
125	*Civilization and Capitalism*	 Fernand Braudel
126	*Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs*	 Chuck Klosterman
127	*A Fire Upon the Deep*	 Vernor Vinge
128	*The Saga of Seven Suns*	 Kevin J Anderson
129	*The Grapes of Wrath*	 John Steinbeck 
130	*American Psycho*	 Bret Easton Ellis
131	*The Mote in God's Eye*	 Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
132	*The Chomsky Reader*	 Noam Chomsky
133	*The Panda's Thumb*	 Stephen Jay Gould
134	*Flatland*	 Edwin Abbot
135	*On the Road*	 Jack Kerouac 
136	*The God Delusion*	 Richard Dawkins
137	*The Classical Style*	 Charles Rosen
138	*Here Be Dragons*	 Sharon Kay Penman
139	*An American Life*	 Ronald Reagan
140	*Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space*	 Carl Sagan
141	*The Little Schemer*	 Friedman & Felleisen
142	*Life in the Woods*	 Henry David Thoreau
143	*Black Lamb, Grey Falcon*	 Rebecca West
144	*Thus Spake Zarathustra*	 Friedrich Nietzsche
145	*Sandman*	 Neil Gaiman
146	*The Game*	 Neil Strauss
147	*Good Omens*	 Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
148	*Mere Christianity*	 CS Lewis
149	*Walden*	 Henry David Thoreau
150	*The Collapse of Complex Societies*	 Joseph Tainter
151	*Cthulhu Mythos*	 H. P. Lovecraft
152	*The Stars My Destination*	 Alfred Bester
153	*The Pillars of the Earth*	 Ken Follett
154	*The Prince of Nothing*	 R. Scott Bakker
155	*Perdido Street Station*	 China Mieville
156	*Man's Search for Meaning*	 Viktor Frankl
157	*The Wasteland*	 TS Elliot
158	*The Kite Runner*	 Khaled Hosseini
159	*Pi to 5 million places*	 [kick books]
160	*The Blank Slate*	 Steven Pinker
161	*The Dispossessed*	 Ursula K. Le Guin
162	*Guts*	 Chuck Palahniuk
163	*fear and trembling*	 Søren Kierkegaard
164	*One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest*	 Ken Kesey
165	*Kafka on the Shore*	 Haruki Murakami
166	*Ulysses*	 James Joyce
167	*Macbeth*	 Shakespeare
168	*Basic Economics*	 Thomas Sowell
169	*Atheism: The Case Against God*	 George H. Smith
170	*The Handmaids Tale*	 Margaret Atwood
171	*For Whom the Bell Tolls*	 Ernest Hemingway
172	*Sophie's World*	 Jostein Gaarder
173	*Women*	 Charles Bukowski
174	*Red Mars*	 Kim Stanley Robinson
175	*We Need To Talk About Kevin*	 Lionel Shriver
176	*How We Die*	 Sherwin B. Nuland
177	*Philosophical Investigations*	 Ludwig Wittgenstein
178	*The singularity is near*	 Ray Kurzweil
179	*The Day of the Trifids*	 John Wyndham
180	*The Long Walk*	 Stephen King (writing as Richard Bachman)
181	*Blood Meridian*	 Cormac McCarthy
182	*The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are*	 Alan Watts
183	*The Wheel of Time*	 Robert Jordan
184	*The Elegant Universe*	 Brian Green
185	*A Suitable Boy*	 Vikram Seth
186	*Book of the New Sun*	 Gene Wolfe
187	*King Lear*	 Shakespeare
188	*The Power of Myth*	 Joseph Campbell
189	*The Voyage of Argo: The Argonautica*	 Apollonius of Rhodes
190	*The Baroque Cycle*	 Neal Stephenson
191	*Nichomachean ethics*	 Aristotle
192	*Long Walk to Freedom*	 Nelson Mandlla
193	*Cloud Atlas*	 David Mitchell
194	*The Master and Margarita*	 Mikhail Bulgakov
195	*The Chrysalids*	 John Wyndham
196	*The Occult*	 Colin Wilson
197	*Cosmos*	 Carl Sagan
198	*The Fountainhead*	 Ayn Rand
199	*Hamlet*	 Shakespeare
200	*The Hero with a Thousand Faces*	 Joseph Campbell

Can't say I'm interested in all of them, and I've read some of them already, but that's a pretty solid list all around.
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