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See if this can't help you out, Andy:

Type O Negative - "Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)"
Peter Gabriel - "This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)"
Lantl˘s - "Minusmensch"
Helloween - "Metal Invaders"
Mogwai - "Danphe and the Brain"
Dream Theater - "Take the Time"
I - "Days of North Wind"
Between the Buried and Me - "Swim to the Moon"
Megadeth - "Shadow of Deth"
The War on Drugs - "Baby Missiles"
The Decemberists - "The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid"
Porcupine Tree - "Halo"
Black Sabbath - "Planet Caravan"
Riot - "Gypsy"
Bruce Springsteen - "Used Cars"
Carcass - "Malignant Defecation"
Matisyahu - "Ancient Lullaby"
Dream Theater - "Strange Deja Vu"
Blind Guardian - "Dead Sound of Misery"
Iron Maiden - "Age of Innocence"
Blackfield - "Once"
Tool - "Rosetta Stoned"
Soundgarden - "My Wave"
Opeth - "By the Pain I See in Others"
Marillion - "She Chameleon"
Mortals are mortar and life is the fuse.
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