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Manowar- Each Dawn I Die
Dio- Caught In The Middle
Bathory- Reaper
High On Fire- Rumors of War
Helloween- A Little Time
Metallica- Ride The Lightning
Enslaved- Svarte Vidder
Morbid Angel-Damnation
Death- Mentally Blind
Morbid Angel- Heaving Earth
Ramones- Judy Is A Punk
Rolling Stones- Prodigal Son
Overkill- Use Your Head (live)
Children of Bodom- Wrath Within
Rush- La Villa Strangiato (live)
Black Sabbath- The Wizard
Iron Maiden- Charlotte The Harlot
Raekwon- Guillotine (Swords)
KISS- Room Service (live)
Rolling Stones- Brown Sugar
Billy Joel- The Stranger
Judas Priest- The Green Manilishi (live)
Slayer- War Ensemble
Black Sabbath- War Pigs
Gamma Ray- It's a Sin

I was hoping more non-metal stuff would pop up.
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