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1. Iron Maiden- "When the Wild Wind Blows"
2. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists- "You Could Die (Or This Might End)"
3. Le Tigre- "Deceptacon"
4. Alkaline Trio- "Jaked On Green Beers"
5. Rancid- "Don Giovanni"
6. Darkest Hour- "Man and Swine"
7. Metallica- "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
8. Chuck Ragan- "Don't Cry"
9. Nine Inch Nails- "The Fragile"
10. Opeth- "Serenity Painted Death"
11. The Lawrence Arms- "Overheated"
12. Nirvana- "Lithium"
13. Bad Religion- "Latch Key Kids"
14. Jawbreaker- "Do You Still Hate Me?"
15. Off With Their Heads- "Idiot"
16. Slayer- "Seasons In the Abyss"
17. Altar of Plagues- "When the Sun Drowns In the Ocean"
18. Pig Destroyer- "Flag Burner"
19. P.S. Eliot- "Shitty and Tragic"
20. Weezer- "Space Rock"
21. Alanis Morissette- "All I Really Want"
22. Screaming Females- "A New Kid"
23. The Hold Steady- "Stevie Nix"
24. Propagandhi- "Ska Sucks"
25. Childish Gambino- "Let Me Dope You"
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