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Shuffle Up 25 Songs...

...And post 'em! No cheating! Guilty pleasures must be included! Here's mine, nothing too embarrassing, and a pretty decent representation of my musical tastes:

(Got this idea from, sorry for the unoriginality)

1. Red Web - Orange Goblin (Coup de Grace)
2. Attitude - Metallica (Reload)
3. Hidden Track - Iota (Frankenstein Earphone Radio God)
4. I Control, I Fly - Monster Magnet (Dopes to Infinity)
5. It Overtakes Me/The Stars Are - The Flaming Lips (At War With the Mystics)
6. Into the Pit - Testament (The New Order)
7. Voivod - Voivod (War and Pain)
8. Bastard Nation - Overkill (Wrecking Your Neck)
9. I Only Deal In Truth - Crowbar (Sever the Wicked Hand)
10. House Carpenter - SubRosa (No Help For the Mighty Ones)
11. Devilizer - Vader (Necropolis)
12. The Shortest Straw - Metallica (...And Justice For All)
13. Set the World Afire - Megadeth (So Far, So Good... So What!)
14. A.I.R. - Anthrax (Spreading the Disease)
15. Talk To Her - Priestess (Hello Master)
16. Goetia - Triptykon (Eparistera Daimones)
17. (Take These) Chains - Judas Priest (Screaming For Vengeance)
18. Fury Whip - High On Fire (Death Is This Communion)
19. Hurricane - Kyuss (And the Circus Leaves Town)
20. Her Alone - Amorphis (Silent Waters)
21. The Czar - Mastodon (Crack the Skye)
22. Sons of Northern Darkness - Immortal (Sons of Northern Darkness)
23. Evil Warriors - Possessed (Seven Churches)
24. The Dirty Glass - Dropkick Murphys (Blackout)
25. EX-TC - Death Angel (Act III)
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