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7. Elder - Dead Roots Stirring (2011)

I know what you're thinking. This just barely came out, how in the fuck does it deserve to be here? Well that's because you haven't heard it. The sophomore effort by Elder is easily a modern classic, five amazing cuts. That make up what I believe is the best stoner metal album in the past decade at least. As soon as you press play you're hit by an onslaught of HUGE riffs that ride an unbelievable rhythm section. The bass is perfect really low dirty but sticks out just enough. While the drums not being technical or anything are really dynamic and powerful. They bring something that I think is sorely lacking in stoner rock/metal now a days, and that's groove. This is the type of stuff Black Sabbath, Sleep and Kyuss were made of. I shudder to think what their follow up to this mammoth will sound like.

Key Tracks:
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