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Weedeater -- Chicago, IL -- September 17th, 2011

Got there in time to catch all the bands. Wasn't familiar with any Fight Amp or Saviours material, but I'd heard some of Bison B.C.'s stuff. All the bands were great and put on a good show. I don't have any sets other than Weedeaters.

Of the three that opened, Saviours was definitely the best. Some of their riffs were just incredible, and some of them were just heavy as hell. As for Fight Amp, the stuff they played that I liked, I fucking loved. They definitely had their moments, but I found my mind drifting off a couple times during their set. I'm kind of impartial to Bison BC, but I thought they were pretty awesome live. They all played with energy and whatnot. They for sure made a better impression tonight than the Dark Ages album did last year.

As for Weedeater...Holy shit. That's all I can really say. They were undoubtedly the heaviest band I've ever seen. You could tell they were all drunk, especially Dixie, obviously, and that they were all having a great time playing. Keko is a great drummer, he reminds me of JP from Clutch in a way, so punctual and energetic, yet simple and effective. Dixie is a whole other character in himself, and Shep was definitely interesting to watch. I banged my head like hell the whole set, and during the faster songs ("Wizard Fight", "Mancoon") people started moving around a bit. I'm usually not the kind of guy to want to push people around and mosh, but this incredible music just demanded movement. "Jason...The Dragon" is probably the heaviest song I've ever seen live. That riff! "Monkey Junction" and "For Evans Sake" were some other highlights, just plain heavy and sludgy. I was pretty surprised they played "Time Served", but I love that song so it's cool. Had a good time during that one. "Gimme Back My Bullets" was probably some of the most fun I've had at a show as well. And Manks, you were totally right. "Weed Monkey" is the perfect fucking closer. That last riff just demands chaos and drunken destruction. I don't know if I've ever headbanged so hard in my life, and by the end of the song my nose started bleeding. I picked up a tour shirt and a Weedeater hat for some memorabilia of this wonderful evening. I will definitely see these guys any time I have the chance, ever. JD, you shouldn't have skipped out on this show.

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