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Suicidal Tendencies -- Farmingdale, NY -- September 17th, 2011

I went to this show expecting to have a good time but it turned out being more then that, it was one of the greatest shows i've ever seen. A few local hardcore bands played first then Sick Of It All came out around 8:30. The only song I recognized was Built To Last but they played great. I'll definitely check out more of their music in the near future. This set is the most recent one from that i'm assuming is right because the songs I remember them introducing seem to be in the correct order.

Sick Of It All

Death Or Jail
Good Lookin' Out
Built To Last
Step Down
A Month Of Sundays
Take The Night Off
Injustice System
Scratch The Surface
Us Vs. Them

At around 9:45 Suicidal took the stage and as soon as Mike came out and said the opening lines of You Can't Bring Me Down is was tossed from my spot and thrown into the pit where I remained for most of the set. A lot of the songs were extended towards the end and a lot of little jams were put in here and there. Mike also introduced a few of the songs with his cool little rants where he talks so fast you can't even tell what he's saying. I was very satisfied with this set. I flipped out when they started playing Send Me Your Money. The highlight of this show was without a doubt when they played Pledge Your Allegiance and brought us all on stage. It was one of if not the best concert experiences of my life moshing on the stage and getting handed the mic to sing. This was one to remember.

Suicidal Tendencies:

You Can't Bring Me Down
Join the Army
War Inside My Head
Send Me Your Money
We Are Family
Possessed To Skate
Cyco Vision
I Saw Your Mommy
Come Alive
Pledge Your Allegiance
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