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#49 - Death - Mutilation

I remember the 1st time my friend played Death for me. He threw the Leprosy album on and went right to Open Casket. I didn't get it. Then he played Pull The Plug and it started to sink in but I wasn't sure I could ever get used to the vocals. He then said this is probably more up your alley and threw Scream Bloody Gore on. Um... understatement of the century.

Every song was blistering fast and I was jamming out immediately. By the time Mutilation came on I was hooked. I loved the song so much I made him play it over again. Even after all these years that song still gets my blood flowing. As much as I like the later prog Death albums Scream Bloody Gore will always be my favorite. Spoiler Alert: This is my 2nd favorite track off of that incredible album.

#49 - Death - Mutilation

The reissue with Bonus Tracks is a must purchase by the way.
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon
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