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On second thought, this is my High On Fire list:

1. Snakes For The Divine
2. Blood From Zion
3. Fire, Flood & Plague
4. Bastard Samurai
5. Anointing of Seer
6. Death is This Communion
7. Rumors of War
8. Frost Hammer
9. Hung Drawn & Quartered
10. Fury Whip

I guess I could try and make an Enslaved list, even though I only have the first two albums and the Hordanes Land EP

1. Wotan
2. Gylfaginning
3. Lifandi Liv Undir Hamri
4. Slaget 1 Skogen Bortenfor
5. Fenris
6. Vetrarnott
7. Norvegr
8. Yggdrasil
9. Balfar
10. Jotunblod
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