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Helloween -- Moscow, Russia -- September 16th, 2011

Well, the show was pretty cool. Stratovarius kicked major ass (I got me a setlist + drumstick!) and it was their last show with their drummer, but Helloween was hella disappointing. Even though it didn't help that I hardly knew their catalog, they still looked, acted, and plain-out seemed like washed-up glam rockers. Whilst one of the guitarists looked like he was straight out of Poison, the other two guitarists (bassist included) just looked like they belonged in a retirement home, and as for the singer himself, his annoying "hey, Moscow! let's repeat this chorus 22 times for lulz!" got really annoying especially since he decided to do that during the two songs I actually knew pretty well. The singer also wasted about 10 minutes telling useless anecdotes about the drummer mixing his prized scotch whiskey with Coca Cola - I say it's useless because not only is he not funny, none of the audience save me and probably a few Americans knew what he was saying. Anyway, here are the sets:


Are You Metal?
Eagle Fly Free
March of Time
Guitar Solo
Where the Sinners Go
World of Fantasy
Steel Tormentor
Drum Solo
I'm Alive
Forever and One (Neverland) (Acoustic version)
If I Could Fly
Keeper of the Seven Keys / The King for a 1000 Years / Halloween
Future World
Dr. Stein

I Want Out


Deep Unknown
The Kiss of Judas
Winter Skies
Under Flaming Skies
Darkest Hours
Speed of Light
Hunting High and Low
Black Diamond
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines

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