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All I know is, I was there, got my ass rocked off, and dont give a crap about what songs they played or didn't play... All 4 bands were on their game, and I had a blast!

I'd never seen Anthrax before, and missed 1/2 their set waiting in line at the merch table, but they impressed me anyway. I might just check them out in a headlining gig in November.

Megadeth was typical, and since Dave was "playing hurt", it was impressive that he was even there.

Slayer failed to impress me last year on the American Carnage tour, but they blew me away at this show!

Metallica proved once again why they are kings of the hill. I honestly dont get why they get bashed online so much. They kick ass, they are fun to watch. Let's not analyze why this song should be played and not this one kids!

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