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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
I played through the whole game on my own and loved it, but I broke down and used a Walkthrough to make sure I didn't lose anyone, haha!

It kinda sucks though because if you do ANY part of ANY loyalty mission, you lose Kelly, but if you skip all the loyalty missions, you save her.

And she was a babe.
I managed to do all sidequests, including loyalty missions, before the 'Reaper IFF' mission, so instead of wasting time I went straight to saving my team and was able to save Kelly, some other girl got melted instead. That was one sorta walkthrough-ish thing I read, by accident more than anything.

I never had too much relationship-wise in the game, Kelly was the closest I got. Mordin once told me thanks but he wasn't interested, which was odd to say the least.
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