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Bush -- Boise, ID -- September 14th, 2011

Venue: Knitting Factory
Source: me

The Mirror Of The Signs
Little Things
I Believe In You
The People That We Love
Greedy Fly
Everything Zen
The Chemicals Between Us
The Sound of Winter
All My Life
Letting the Cables Sleep
The Afterlife
Come Together(Beatles cover)

Attending this concert was payback for me dragging my wife to KMFDM a few weeks ago. I recognize and like some of the songs but wouldn't characterize myself as a Bush fan. I like that they extended several parts of songs and at least went to the effort of making the songs somewhat different than their studio counterparts, something I wish more bands would do. The band played well and got all the hits in, although a Beatles cover was kind of WTF for me. Gavin Rossdale was happy to pander to the ladies throughout the show, popping up in all corners of the venue and the crowd during one song and giving the ladies a little hands on time. It seriously detracted from the song and made it kind of a sideshow.
My wife is a huge Bush fan and loved the show though so I guess if you like them, go as you won't be disappointed. Or you could be lazy and watch HDNet Sunday night where they will be live from Portland.
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