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Evergrey -- Atlanta, GA -- September 15th, 2011


Last night was Evergrey and Vanden Plas's double-headlining show at the ProgPower USA Kick-Off.

Vanden Plas:
01 Postcard to God
02 Rush of Silence
03 Holes in the Sky
04 Scar of an Angel
05 Far off Grace
06 Quicksilver
07 Cold Wind
08 Frequency
09 Silently

10 Christ O
11 Rainmaker

01 The Masterplan
02 Rulers of the Mind
03 Watching the Skies
04 State of Paralysis
05 The Encounter
06 Mark of the Triangle
07 Dark Waters
08 Different Worlds
09 Misled
10 Leave it Behind Us
11 Monday Morning Apocalypse
12 Wrong
13 Recreation Day
14 Frozen
15 Broken Wings
16 Blinded
17 A Touch of Blessing

Sources say they played "Blinded" as well, but I can't really be sure where, since it would require the standard tuning guitars, and none of the other songs in the second half of the set are in standard.
In all honesty, I feel like I'll probably see a better Evergrey setlist at the two normal shows I go to. Sure, the ISOT is all amazing - but keeping MMA and Wrong while NOT playing stuff like Solitude Within, I'm Sorry, As I Lie Here Bleeding, and Nosferatu is kinda shitty. All in all though I'm sure this was one incredible show. Supposedly Evergrey's performance last night AND for their acoustic show on Wednesday were filmed for a potential DVD release.

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