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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
There's no way a band as famous and rich as Metallica has become give a shit what the underground scene thinks of them at this point in their careers. The other three bands benefit more but even without all the big four stuff Megadeth and Slayer would still be doing all right for themselves. They'll gain some new fans out of this and probably welcome back some old ones but it's not like either of them were hurting or having a hard time getting people to come and see them.
If Metallica didn't care about this, why would they attempt to go more back to their roots with Death Magnetic? Why would they tour with more (albeit still not underground) metal bands like the Sword, Machine Head, and the rest of the Big 4 (As opposed to the more radio friendly bands they have been touring with since Re-Load came out, such as Sevendust, Kid Rock, Days of the New, Korn, Linkin Park, Godsmack, etc, etc).

Definitely seems like their actions speak as if they are trying to regain some of the lost fans. Sure, it's not about $$$$. They have it and will continue to make it no matter what move they make.

My point was that doing the BIG 4 helps them regain some of the lost fans.
(Once again, not that it matters to them financially)
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