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Originally Posted by RK2THIS View Post
If you write the label, they'll make it in whatever size you need. The shirts won't be ordered for a bit to figure out demand so they can arrange to have it done. Hit em up. We've had other 2xl and 3xl shirts sitting at for months, collecting dust. See what we have in stock there too and you'll support us directly.

As far as cost of the CD goes, again we don't control that. We just spend thousands upon thousands of dollars out of our own pocket, about 4x the very meager "advance" amount given by the label, to travel to Seattle and record this album. It's a five song EP, that totals nearly 35 minutes of music. That's three bucks a song, sent to your door!! $.42 a minute of the heaviest, greatest sounding stuff we've ever done!!

Figura Serpentinata is one of the most important and greatest songs I've ever written. You obviously just weren't listening to it loud enough. Try again.
Well don't I feel like a fucking tool. I had a feeling that "RK2THIS" may have been somebody closely asociated with the band, but I didn't think it was actually you, Aaron.

Look, just to set the record straight, you're gonna get my money, no doubt - just like my boy Moobys below posted. It's just that this thing about t-shirt sizes is a long-running pet peeve of mine. It prevents me from getting badass clothing from bands that I love on so many occasions it just makes me sick. Glad to know there will be options available to those us us who are actually taller than Jackie.

Speaking of which, I doubt you'll remember this, but I'm the big dude named Chris who met all you guys when you played that hole in the wall bar called White Star in Chicago in 2009. I drove 350 miles from my home in Cleveland to Chicago to see Depeche Mode at Lollapalooza, and then to see you guys the following night (a show which I attended despite the fact that Tool was headlining Lolla that same night!). You guys were all great to me that night - I'll never forget it. (Gig report here)

So fuck yeah, I'll be buying the CD (I mean, I own copy #22 of the original CD release of "The Ichthyologist", so...yeah ). I'm probably just afraid I have my expectations jacked up so high that no band anywhere ever could possibly fulfill them, but if I were to make a list of bands which could potentially blow me the fuck away with only five songs, you guys would be on it.

Oh, and please try your damnedest to come as close to Cleveland as you can. Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus - any of those would work. I don't know if I could make it all the way out to the East Coast, though - so you seafarin' folk will just have to make it a little further inland, if you please!
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