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That Drummer Guy's Rock Block: Tuesdays (Sometimes Fridays) at 9pm Central

Rather then bumping the poll thread. I figured 6 shows in I'd make a legit thread for it. It's Tuesdays at pm (Sometimes, like this week) Fridays at 9pm on W3rd Radio. Just to give you an idea of what I play, these are all the songs I played in the 7 shows I have recorded so far:

Show 1
Fair to Midland- Whiskey & Ritalin
Periphery- All New Materials
Clutch- 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
King's X- Dogman
Pagan's Mind- Eyes of Fire
Triptykon- A Thousand Lies
Strapping Young Lad- Love?
Orange Sky- Alone
Dredg- Bug Eyes
Alcest- Souvenirs d'un autre Monde

Show 2
The Damned Things- We've Got a Situation Here
Volbeat- Who They Are
Blind Guardian- A Voice In The Dark
Slayer- Disciple
Parkway Drive- Romance Is Dead
Emperor- In The Wordless Chamber
World Under Blood- A God Among The Waste
Porcupine Tree- The Pills I'm Taking (Anesthetize)
Paradise Lost- How Soon Is Now?
Mouth Of The Architect- In Your Eyes

Show 3
Devin Townsend- Hyperdrive! (Addicted Version)
Dead Letter Circus- Big
Against The Wall- The One
Adrenaline Mob- Believe Me
Dream Theater- On The Backs Of Angels
GWAR - Metal Metal Land
In Flames- My Sweet Shadow
Trivium- In Waves
Revocation- The Watchers
Between The Buried And Me- White Walls

Show 4
The Dear Hunter- Deny It All
Katatonia- Forsaker
Dog Fashion Disco- The Darkest Days
August Burns Red- Leveler
James LaBrie- One More Time
The Contortionist- Flourish
Acid Bath- Scream Of The Butterfly
Opeth- Bleak
Devin Townsend- Poltergeist

Show 5
Evans Blue- The Pursuit
Faith No More- Kindergarten
Amorphis- My Enemy
Long Distance Calling- The Nearing Grave
Horse The Band- Murder
Terror Syndrome- My Next Victim
Meshuggah- Closed Eye Visual
Nevermore- The Obsidian Conspiracy
Pantera- Floods
The Black Dahlia Murder - I Will Return

Show 6
Oceansize- Build Us a Rocket Then...You Rocket Building Cunt
Alter Bridge- Ghost Of Days Gone By
Torche- Healer
Municipal Waste- Beer Pressure
Intronaut- Core Relations
Eluveitie- Your Gaulish War
Pyramaze- Year Of The Phoenix
Avenged Sevenfold- I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1 and 2)
Novembers Doom- Buried
Alice In Chains- Nutshell

Show 7
Van Halen- Mean Street
CKY- Familiar Realm
Anthrax- Fight 'Em Til You Can't
Testament- Into The Pit
Alestorm- Shipwrecked
Times Of Grace- Live In Love
Primordial- No Grave Deep Enough
Cynic- Integral Birth
TesseracT- April
Iced Earth- Dante's Inferno (2011 version)

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