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I don't know what to say about how big Samael are in Europe... Speaking of my country, there were 500 attending last time in 2009; this time, there were only 200. However, the situation is like this pretty much everywhere - reports are, attendance is between 100 and 200, with even some shows being canceled. Crowds in Poland are still rather big, however.

I don't see anything strange about Melechesh supporting - both bands have Oriental influences, with Melechesh of course being entirely Oriental. They did an amazing, intricately musical performance - despite the circumstances here - the show being moved to a despicable small venue, which cut off Samael's visuals entirely...
To the band's (Samael's) credit, it has to be said that they are superbly professional, and the low attendances do not affect their spirit, either. Utterly delightful, mixing with the crowds, chatting until the early hours in the morning.

So, is Samael even remotely popular in the USA?
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