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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
I did everyone's loyalty mission and the only person who's loyalty I didn't get was Jack. I didn't know that making an unloyal person make the biotic field in that one part of the last mission resulted in another character dying, which was how I lost Garrus. And I didn't know that people with low defense who weren't in your squad against the human reaper had a chance of not surviving the final firefight, which is how I lost Tali.

I also ended up losing Mordin and Jack, which was fine because they were probably my least favorite characters.
I played through the whole game on my own and loved it, but I broke down and used a Walkthrough to make sure I didn't lose anyone, haha!

It kinda sucks though because if you do ANY part of ANY loyalty mission, you lose Kelly, but if you skip all the loyalty missions, you save her.

And she was a babe.
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