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Originally Posted by maidenpriest View Post
Did you do the loyalty missions for these people? Cus for me the only person who I didn't do the mission for was the one who didn't survive. And yeah its really stupid for EA to leave out ME 1 on PS3 because that story is just as important as ME 2.
I did everyone's loyalty mission and the only person who's loyalty I didn't get was Jack. I didn't know that making an unloyal person make the biotic field in that one part of the last mission resulted in another character dying, which was how I lost Garrus. And I didn't know that people with low defense who weren't in your squad against the human reaper had a chance of not surviving the final firefight, which is how I lost Tali.

I also ended up losing Mordin and Jack, which was fine because they were probably my least favorite characters.
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