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Originally Posted by Jasonic View Post
What? This is complete BS.
Don't you think this benefits Metallica as much as the other bands?
Sure, the Other "3" play venues they otherwise wouldn't get to play, but it also gets Metallica looking "cool" again, albeit only somewhat, in the eyes of the underground scene.
I agree with everything else you said but this. This does nothing to benefit Metallica, for them this is just something cool to do that the fans wanna see happen. Why on earth would Metallica care about looking cool in the underground scene again? They haven't been part of that in 25 years. When they opened for Ozzy back when MOP came out and that album went gold they were no longer an underground thing. Then Justice came out and they got even more popular and we all know what happened after that.

There's no way a band as famous and rich as Metallica has become give a shit what the underground scene thinks of them at this point in their careers. The other three bands benefit more but even without all the big four stuff Megadeth and Slayer would still be doing all right for themselves. They'll gain some new fans out of this and probably welcome back some old ones but it's not like either of them were hurting or having a hard time getting people to come and see them.

Anthrax will be the band who benefits the most from this. After the whole "who's the singer?" debacle they've had over the last few years a lot of fans just stopped caring, myself included, and gave up on them thinking they were through. But now they've got Joey back which is what everyone has been waiting for and they got a very good new album to. The big four shows and the American Carnage tour was a great way to let everyone know that Joey is back with them and it's got people interested in them again and made them relevant for the first time in almost 20 years.
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